Seldens Designer Home Furnishings is a curator of design, taste and style in the luxury lifestyle market. We believe deeply that the “right” people are our greatest asset. We value people who are customer driven, detailed orientated, and above all a team player that is always open to change.


Here at Seldens, we have four core values that we expect our team members to understand and follow. These core values represent who we are as a company and our company culture. We want to make sure you feel this is the right culture for you.

Customer Driven


We strongly believe the customer is king. Each client must be greeted warmly when they enter our store and walked to the door as they are leaving.

We don’t measure our customer service on how well we take care of issues when they arise, but rather how well we take care of our client's needs and desires from the beginning. We always listen to our clients and their needs carefully, and then we go the extra mile to consistently deliver excellent service and solutions.

Retail is Detail


"Anything worth doing is worth doing right." Our business is all about the details from our custom options to the finishing touches during delivery. It’s the details that separate us from all other stores and shopping experiences. This starts from the time a client enters one of our beautiful stores, where everything has a home and is perfectly placed, to our drivers entering a client’s home and ensuring each item is set up perfectly, wiped down and ready to enjoy.

Open to Change


"Change is the only constant " and without change, there is very little growth. All of us must be willing to try and to support new ideas, but most importantly, we want to encourage thinking outside the box. Every team member’s input is important. We want to urge everyone to throw mud at the wall and see what sticks, not literally of course, but we do welcome all ideas, feedback, and input from everyone.

Team Player


We characterize someone as being a team player when they consistently demonstrate humility, hunger, and are people smart.

Humble team members are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own.

Hungry team members are always looking for more: more things to do, more things to learn, and more responsibility to take on.

Smart team members have common sense regarding people and tend to know how to deal with others in the most effective way. Smart team members can link clients’ needs with what we have to offer in order to produce satisfying results for everyone.


4th Generation Family Owned company with 77 years of experience.

Employment Benefits


We offer competitive compensation and excellent benefits including complete medical, dental, vision, and life; 401K with company participation; bonuses; and paid time off.

Work Environment

Work Environment

Family atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed.